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Jonesboro Police Department
100 4th Street
Jonesboro, La 71251


A small administrative processing fee for using this service will be added in as a percent under "tax". Learn more about  fees.
We charge a small fee for using this service that covers equipment, support, web costs & sending the physical records to merchant. This is not a surcharge fee for using your credit/debit card. The fee will vary as to the package that the merchant is subscribed to. You would receive a discount of the fee amount by paying cash in person. The fee will show as "tax" charges in your cart. You will see the fee prior to finishing the transaction. We will then notify the agency that you have paid and send them a hard copy as proof of your payment. 

*****After your Payment is complete, please press the "Return to Merchant" link at the bottom of the page, then fill out form for the agency notification email.****

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Pay your Jonesboro Police Department Citation Payment Here:

Enter Citation Number & Press Buy Now to get started.

Enter your citation number


1. On the next screen you will enter the total amount you owe on your bill from above and press "continue"
2. You will then either log in with Paypal or Press "Pay with credit or debit card"
3. If you log in with Paypal you will select how to pay, then press continue.
4. If you select pay with a debit or credit card, you will need to enter the card information/card billing address and fill out the rest of the required information.
5. If you have multiple citations, please pay one at a time.
6. After your transaction press the "Return to Merchant" link and fill out a quick form that will notify the agency that you paid instantly.

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