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Allows small business to accept payments for smaller ticket items such as snow cones or donuts.

Let's face it, this is the 21st century and you are busy. The days of you driving around looking for an ATM to get cash or paying for a money order to take with you are over. Not to mention the time it takes to physically go and pay these accounts in person. We here at PayMent Communication Systems of Louisiana understand these issues and have created a way for you to pay your bills that you normally could not, from the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet or cell. We specialize in assisting you in paying in house or from home for items that traditionally do not accept these forms of payment. Specifically payments such as Government bills/fines, Paying Rent to landlord, and accepting payments for small ticket items such as snow cones or donuts. 

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Allows Customers to pay bills or fines to places that traditionally does not accept debit or credit cards.

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Allows Government and Landlords to accept debit and credit cards for paying bills/fines or rent with no hassle.